Help keep the Ukrainian wine industry alive

The lives of the Ukrainian people have not come to a complete stop. War rages, but much of life must continue. People not on frontline have lives to live, families to feed, bills to pay. Fields need attending, fruits need picking. The economy must continue to provide jobs and some sort of stability.

Foreign aid has greatly helped Ukraine defend itself, but it will be the nation’s economy, Ukrainian industry and agriculture, work and innovation, which will help rebuild the country.

This is why we are focusing on the Ukrainian economy, helping to keep companies afloat, people in jobs and ensuring a future less bleak.

The Ukrainian wine industry has been hit as hard as any sector in Ukraine. The temporary loss of Crimea robbed the nation of over 60 percent of its winemaking. The battles in the east have hit many vineyards, some have been destroyed, with employees killed.

However, winemakers in Ukraine have continued and many vineyards are still producing great wines. Wines of Ukraine will support all quality wine producers in Ukraine by giving them an outlet first to the European Union, and later to the entire world.

Ukraine has a 2500-year history of producing wine, but only in the last decade has focus shifted to quality wines. The war must not be allowed to stop this progress. Help Ukraine, help the nation’s economy by drinking Ukrainian quality wines.

Wines from Ukraine